2022 7th International Conference on Mechanical Manufacturing Technology and Material Engineering
Technical Program Committee Chair
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Prof. Yabo Fu

Taizhou UniversityChina

Biography: Main research directions :1. The solidification process is controlled by the external field, and the research and application of high strength, toughness and wear resistance aluminum bronze replacing beryllium bronze with high strength, high elasticity titanium bronze with high strength and high conductivity chromium, zirconium, copper nanosized alumina with dispersion strengthening copper with high strength and corrosion resistance white copper without lead, etc.; 2. Titanium alloy, High strength and toughness La-Ti-5Al-5Mo-5V-3Cr-1Zr HEA(Ti55531) complex alloy for UAV; 3. Study on aluminum and aluminum alloy, aluminum base ink composite and its germicidal performance; 4. Compound mixing equipment modification of solid waste recycling metal materials such as 2020 mu trains bearing with the preparation of high performance aluminum bronze is the key technology and application "In the first persons won third prize (technical invention) of the science and technology prize, zhejiang province, the province a total of 15) 2019 2. high-performance copper alloy melt purification, and the key technology and application of grain refinement He has published 32 SCI/EI papers, including 3 papers in TOP journals and 6 authorized invention patents. In June 2018, he published the practical course of non-destructive Testing In 2018, presided over a research on intelligent cloud teaching reform of nondestructive Testing, the core curriculum of the industry-university-Research project of the Ministry of Education. Presided over and participated in 6 provincial and provincial national projects. Presided over and participated in provincial and ministerial projects and enterprise horizontal projects with funds of more than 4 million yuan Innovation and entrepreneurship C talent title, In June 2021, Ningbo Zhenhai District Xiongzhen Talent High-level Talent Project, in 2020, employed as master's tutor of School of Materials Science and Engineering.