2022 7th International Conference on Mechanical Manufacturing Technology and Material Engineering
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Topics include but are not limited to the following areas:

Machine ManufacturingMaterials Engineering
Intelligent design optimization  3D printing and additive manufacturing  
Vibration and noise analysis and control  Semiconductor material  
New mechanic Design  Thin film materials  
Advanced CNC technology and equipment  Surface engineering/coating  
Advanced design technology  Deformation mechanics and fracture of materials  
Advanced molding and manufacturing equipment  Surfaces and interfaces of materials
Advanced CAE technology  Material calculation and numerical simulation  
Microelectronic packaging technology and equipment  Material processing and forming technology  
Embedded system  Electronic, electrochemical, optical, mechanical and magnetic materials  
Reverse engineering  Composite materials  
Energy machinery  Engineering materials and Technology  
Friction and wear theory and application  Advanced synthesis methods for functional materials  
Green design and manufacturing  Laser machining technology  
Fluid handling and control  Computational materials Science  
Sustainable design  Building materials  
Structural strength and robustness  Metal material  
Mechanical control and information processing technology  Precision ultra-precision machining technology  
Mechanical dynamics and its applications  Energy, resources, environment and health applications  
Mechanical transmission theory and application  Biological materials  
Machine vision  ceramic  
Construction machinery and equipment  Micro/nanomaterials  
Complex electromechanical system design  Microelectronic seal measurement and manufacturing technology  
Dynamic mechanical analysis, optimization and control  Characterization of advanced materials  
Power and fluid mechanics  Phase transition and new material theory  
Innovative design methods  New energy materials  
Sensor technology  Additive manufacturing technology  
Product life cycle design  Energy storage and conversion materials  
Measurement and control technology  Intelligent manufacturing technology  
NEMS/MEMS technology and equipment  Insulation materials  
Mechanical transmission theory and application  Environmental protection material  
Friction and wear theory and application  Seismic materials and design  
Vibration and noise analysis and control  Polymer material  
Mechatronics  Material corrosion and surface treatment technology  
 Tooling test and evaluation of materials